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    Cramer telling people to sell everything thing, then on his show today having the CEO of whoever, I think CMT (was just flippin) and told his "home viewers" to buy it. LOL. How can you say sell everything, but still recommend companies to buy.

    The biggest bullsHit of the day, if anyone else saw. Was BIGBUTT Maria talking all day with Art Cashen and some other floor trader, how they would have liked to see the DOW close at the lows of the day, hopefully signaling capitulation. Well when she was signing off, @ 5pm, she was reading off the telepromoter how "And the DOW closed down 370 points today, well off the lows, which many people think was a GOOD THING" LMFAO, SO WHICH IS FAT ASS?!
  2. You know you answered your own question.........they simply read what they are told and attempt to find a cause for an effect. The only ones I respect are Santelli, Bolling, and Cashin. The rest are just hacks, they would tell you the earth was flat if their network told them to do so.
  3. Note: Cramer and the CNBC actors job is not to predict markets, but to sell advertising space ie commercials and generate interest in their shows. Judging from the threads here and elsewhere, they have succeeded in getting a ton of free exposure. Which lets them raise the commercial prices. Nice, innit.
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    I think he failed to realize a recommendation to "sell everything" also equal no need to watch a stock picking show like his.
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    10-4 on Cashin and Santelli. I enjoy Mark Haines from an entertainment perspective. Comic relief. Cramer interview seems to indicate he has joined the panic.
  6. yeah one thing i have noticed is she and erin burnett are not exactly fit when we see thme on tv its only waist up but then for instance when we say maria in alaska wow one word big.

    O AND THOSE FUCKERS ON THAT LUNCH SHOW ON CNBC i swear sometimes they get theire discussion ideas of ET LMAOO sometimes i swear its the same

    another thing i love about cnbc is when they have like 6 person discussions with kudlow and 5 other people and EVERYONE starts talking at the same time lmaaaaoo

    or lately steph liesman vs kudlow they talk at the same time for 30 seconds at a time lmao
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    I noticed that, too. That was pretty funny:D :D

  8. You got it! It is all about the ratings baby!

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    No no no, you've got it all wrong about Cramer. He actually said only if you need your money within 5 years should you sell anything! That way, if the market goes up or down, he can weasel his words into saying he was right on his "call"! Brilliant!
  10. And so if you did not need the money for 6 years you should sit pat on your portfolio?:confused:

    This fellow should be locked up for his own sake.:mad:
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