MSNBC's Sarah Palin Sickness

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    Olbermann first mentioned Palin on his show July 1, 2008, when his guest, conservative columnist William Kristol, recommended that McCain make her his vp choice. Since then, he talked about the former governor of Alaska in a total of 320 separate segments during his former MSNBC show, according to data compiled by LexisNexis. That's at least one story about Palin for every two episodes. The ex-governor who has become a lightning rod for left-wing criticism was such a frequent target of Olbermann's that the news of his Countdown show being canceled had one blogger joking: "It's Sarah Palin's fault. I'm sure she's behind this!"

    But if the attention Olbermann gave to the diminutive and perky hockey mom from Wasilla sounds excessive, think again. LexisNexis indicates that MSNBC's Chris Matthews has reported on her during a whopping 420 segments of his Hardball show since she burst onto the scene as McCain's running mate two months after Kristol's Countdown appearance.

    And MSNBC is no cable-news outlier. The hosts at CNN and Fox News are only slightly less obsessed with Palin, though the coverage at CNN attempts objectivity, and at Fox it is downright favorable — a given since most of its hosts lean right and Palin is employed there as an analyst. So basically, the 24-hour news cycle on any given week might go like this: Olbermann attacks Palin. Fox then attacks Olbermann for attacking Palin. Olbermann counterattacks by calling either Palin or Rupert Murdoch the "worst person in the world." And so on. You see, it never gets tired. Except it does: Primetime ratings for MSNBC, Fox News and CNN are all down.

    Palin didn't respond to requests for an interview. Fox also declined comment, at least on the record, though several insiders there explained their theories as to why cable news is so focused on Palin.

    "If MSNBC and CNN stopped talking about her so much, Fox would, too," one insider said. "Then she could behave like any other political analyst at Fox News and give her opinion about the issues."

    Says another Fox insider: "Detractors are more obsessed with her than supporters are. And they can’t even explain why they hate her. Ask them about it, and they mumble something about her being stupid. But I'd hook her up to an intelligence test against Joe Biden any day."
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    Maybe Shorty and BrokenArrow will read this thread and come away with a broader outlook. :D
  3. Its not sick that they talk about her. Its sick that its all character assassination attempts.
  4. No attempt at character assassination, the quitter from Wasilla has no character to assassinate.

  5. not sure why they still talk about her. she is a small town beauty queen who were lucky that McCain was looking for somebody not extremely bright, young and with good looks. She did not let her luck slip away and made some good $$ publishing a book. Can't blame her for this.

    She won't be allowed to run again. Reps are not that dumb.

    actually, an important reason people like to discuss her is because of her good looks. this is her main selling point and many people are naturally attracted to beauty and will defend her. other people hate her for being beautiful. yet other people dislike her for being dumb. so you have defenders and attackers. therefore, one can generate an endless number of discussions out of thin air.
  6. It's because all three know she'd never fuck them.
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    Thats why Rachel Maddow hates her too.
  8. BUT...............she sure in the heck has a LONG FORM VAULT COPY BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hope to shout she wouldn't...

    These democrats are like people that knock somebody's teeth out and then complain how they mumble.. they really hate the woman! They did a dozen or so investigations of her potentially illegal behavior as Governor of Alaska. She had to use her own money to defend all these accusations and she's not all that wealthy. They convicted her of nothing. So she was going broke as Governor and she quit the gig and hit the road making long coin as a speaker.. so they complain how she's a quitter!! The Russian Soviets treated Christians pretty much the same way only they had complete control of the country and they could REALLY screw with them...
  10. Sarah Palin Has Earned an Estimated $12 Million Since July 2009
    Apr. 13, 2010

    i am sure she is up a few Mils since then
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