MSNBC's lynching.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Mar 28, 2012.

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    Max E.

    This is by far the most disgusting fucking interview i have ever seen, i posted it once, but this deserves its own thread, Lawrence ODonnell deserves a special place in hell for this bullshit.

    Joe Oliver is a black person who was willing to go against the grain, in order to defend his friend, Zimmerman, and look at the response he gets. This is the kind of value system liberals have for black people, "tow the line or else." What do you think Joe Oliver's life is going to be like after this incident? You think he is going to be able to go out in public without being threatened? Yet he was still willing to stick up for someone he considered a "friend" no matter what the consequences were.

    Im sure that Joe Oliver will now be targeted with death threats, and all kinds of other violence, simply because he was willing to stand up for a friend. If ODonnell doesnt get splashback from this bullshit, then it just proves how goddamn shameless liberals are.

    This kind of journalism is deeply Disturbing, the entire interview was an attempt to railroad the guy, whose only crime, was being honest about someone he considers a friend.

    Joe Oliver should be looked upon as a hero within society, for standing up for a friend, and standing up for what he believes in, no matter how unpopular it is, imagine how much courage it takes to be a black person, and stick up for Zimmerman right now?

    Instead Oliver is now going to be the target of left wing goons, who want to silence him, because of Lawrence ODonnell. :mad:

    This is by far the most disgusting hit piece i have ever seen from liberals, and that is saying alot.

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    American media are pathetic. They don't report facts. They sell agendas. They choose a paradigm, then interpret all stories through that lense. Their favorite tool - both on the left and right - is character assassination. Guilt by association. When any material witness to a story contradicts their interpretation (in this case, MSNBC = racial division: white=bad black=good) they smear and impugn the character of that witness. It's not a matter of reporting established fact or engaging in reasonable, balanced speculation. It's a matter of selling a side. A version of a fairy tale they made up beforehand, despite not knowing all the relevant facts. It's not journalism. It's propaganda. Lawrence O'Donnell is a sack of shit. So are the other fag-hags he had on the show. It's plainly obvious why that dude stood up for Zimmerman - because he's his friend. That O'Donnell thought he was strange and suspect for that? These guys are paid shills, liars to foment racial division. Yes, O'Donnell is a fucking cunt. Then, look at the Right. FOX news was gung-ho for the Iraq war, and hung anyone out to dry that contradicted the US-held position Iraq was brimming with WMD's and Al Queda. The UNSCUM team, Hans Blix, Dr David Kelly, FOX trashed them all, digging up dirt from their past and casting all sorts of dispersions to shore up their "case". Guilt by association. America runs on guilt by association. It's the biggest logical fallacy out there, but the American media continually hammer away with it. It speaks volumes about the "quality" of reporting we get...
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    Max E.

    I agree.

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    Max E.


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    Democrat garbage is centered around solidarity. They had to trash that uppity nigga for being off the reservation...