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    Are you f*cking shitting me? Holy f*cking shit! F*ck me running.

    Let me see if I get this straight. Morning Joe, who routinely gets beat in the morning ratings by the cartoon network, pays Joe Scarborough 4 million a year? And Mika Brzezinski 2 million a year? Good Lord I got into the wrong business. How the hell do you pay them 6 million a year to blurt out shit for a few hours every morning? Wow, I'm speechless.
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    Hey IQ47, new career opportunity? :D
  3. You could have taken the easy route and become the superintendent of schools for a northern suburb and made a cool 350-500k pushing paper and hosting PTA conferences or a teacher making 100+.

    I always thought the deal was that you become a teacher you get benefits for life and agree to be broke.

    That's not the case at all.


  4. JamesL


    Get elected to Congress or get a job in the WH.
  5. Yeah I screwed up thinking the day of reckoning would have hit already.
    Lots of really mediocre people making out like bandits working for the gubbermint.
  6. I read Erin Burnett is paid 2 million at CNN too
  7. I hope you're not writing this in wishful thinking that Mod Joe will pay you for posting here.
  8. You have to understand that landing these jobs is no different than hitting the lottery.

    Somehow you are being handed a ton of money for doing absolutely nothing at all, no skills, no brains, no viewers, no selling, no nothing. Just sit in this chair, blurt out some bullshit for an hour or 2 and we will hand you a ton of money.

    Not bad if you can get it. :cool:
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    She doesn't even have big tits. :confused:
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    I knew I should have married her when she asked me! :D
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