MSNBC touts journalist who compared Palin to larry the cable guy

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    The hypocracy of the left is amazing!

    Alexander: Who is Sarah Palin

    AREU: She's Larry the cable guy minus the class and intelligence

    Then go to the end of the interview...

    ALEXANDER: Do you think this sense of outrage from the right has been real or would you say it's manufactured at this point, to what you said?

    AREU: It is so real. I've gotten voice mails. I've gotten e-mail. They are nasty. They are ugly. Someone told me I am dumber than a box of rocks. I think that's rude.

    Hmmm, so its not rude when she says it to someone else, but when the exact same thing is done to her, its rude.

    I dont know how Areu became a journalist...I mean what in the world was she talking about? Her interview had no substance whatsoever. It was strictly a "call Palin names" interview. When the only substance you have in your journalism is to call the people you dont like, Morons and dumbasses, there is a real problem with you.
  2. Forget the comedy channel , msnbc is it for me.
  3. Agreed. She is so much more than the cable guy.
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    Well since we're posting altered/exaggerated or photo shopped photos...