MSNBC referred to West Point as an "enemy camp."

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  1. NRO [Kathryn Jean Lopez] 12/1/09

    MSNBC reached a new shameful low tonight when Chris Matthews referred to West Point as an "enemy camp." He was trying to convey his surprise that Barack Obama would go to such a place, somewhere, he said, where Paul Wolfowitz would be more comfortable.

    Chris, he's commander-in-chief.

    UPDATE: Here is the video:

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  2. If you want a good laugh watch his show sometime. It is the biggest joke.
  3. Poor Chris! It's a full time job trying to out do the lunacy of Maddow and Olberman. He just can't compete. Sad he's been reduced to such a buffoon. He used to be on the up and up. Left slant for sure, but pretty much a straight up guy. Now he's just another loon of the left.
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    You are spinning that video. He said the crowd appeared to be unfriendly, ie. "if not resentment, skepticism". "I didn't see a lot of warmth in that crowd out there". He said, "he went to maybe the enemy camp tonight".

    Anymore troubles with similes, you let me know.
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    It's what you get when you have a president with <b><s>dual</s> the wrong allegiances</b>.
  6. Mathews apologized today for his moronic remarks.
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    Oh. Then I guess it's ok.
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    Or check out the White House following in the footsteps of Carter and Clinton..
  9. I don't think it it OK. I think Mathews is a political hack. I posted that info because there is a deranged poster who stated that the video was "spun" to make Mathews look bad. Even a hack like Mathews realized he screwed up and apologized for it.
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    The deranged poster said you were spinning the video, not that the video was spun. You didn't listen to the qualifying adjectives in the video, and you didn't read the comment.
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