MSNBC Promotes IEDs On Romney Busses

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  1. June 16, 2012
    Bizarre violent anti-Romney fantasy broadcast by MSNBC

    MSNBC's Martin Bashir's featured a witless, embarrassingly crude video segment cutting from the Romney campaign bus to movie clips of exploding busses, apparently to stoke violent viewer fantasies of assassinating the presumptive Republican nominee with a bus bombing. This is stunningly irresponsible, considering that anyone can learn on the internet how to construct a bomb and detonation mechanism. The entire world knows about IEDs that can be buried or planted under a manhole cover to accomplish the task so tantalizingly demonstrated by the good folks at MSNBC.

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    Remember when Gabrielle Giffords' shooting was blamed on a map that featured a target graphic over certain congressional districts? I wonder how many people used MSNBC to vent accusations that this made Sarah Palin responsible for the Giffords assassination attempt.

    This is a serious matter, ladies and gentlemen. Why is Comcast, an organization which cut a deal with the Obama administration to allow its purchase of control in NBC-Universal, now stoking the fires of hatred with the suggestion of assassination of the president's electoral opponent?

    This is political pornography of the worst sort. The conservative blogosphere is noticing, but the rest of the mainstream media is giving it a pass. This seems like something made to order for Bill O'Reilly to pick up on Monday. Why should it take so long? This is far worse than the Neil Munro jumping the gun in asking a question as Obama was finishing his Rose Garden end run of the Constitution.
    Where are the grown-ups?

    Where is the Secret Service? Oh right, tied up in internal invetsigations with agents suspended.
  2. jem


    that is jaw droppingly irresponsible.

    it shows you how rabid MSNBC is.
    who is going to pull the plug on that whole station.