MSNBC Poll on Arizona law: Interesting Results

Discussion in 'Politics' started by quantsteve, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. wow....95.7% are for the law and 4.3% against it.

    Whats funny is they say that there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the US right now. 12 million out of 300 million people and thats 4% of the population. Therefore one could say that in this poll, its pretty much only illegals that are against it.

  2. :)

    MSNBC should generate more loony left votes IMO...
  3. Lucrum


    1,822,840 votes

    82,368 votes

    May not be "scientific" but there is certainly enough participation to make it as valid as any other poll we see touted by the media these days.
  4. 377OHMS


    Wow. Mr. Obama just seems to end up on the wrong side of these things every time. Then the Left wonders why the country is so furious. <shrug>
  5. Wallet


    It's alright, the voters will explain it too them, come November.
  6. The left is always "left wondering" even when they win, they cry.