MSNBC poll of 1.8 million: Obama earns 'F'

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    WND Exclusive
    MSNBC poll of 1.8 million: Obama earns 'F'
    In less than three months in office, president gets failing grade
    Posted: April 07, 2009
    9:37 pm Eastern

    By Chelsea Schilling
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    With more than 1.8 million responses to a MSNBC poll, President Obama has earned a grade of "F" for his performance in office.

    He received a failing mark in an MSNBC unscientific online survey after having spent less than three months in the White House.

    In its "Give President Obama a Grade" survey, MSNBC asked nearly 2 million respondents, "If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get?"

    The largest number of respondents – or 43 percent – gave Obama an "F."
  2. Are you a "prop" poster on ET that gets paid by the post?

  3. What a bogus interpretation of poll results. Shouldn't you be a bit embarrassed about posting such shit of the bulls?
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    You have 6x more posts than NKNY, so are you a "prop" poster on ET that gets paid by the post? :D
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    Looks like a trend to me..............

  6. According to "Obama’s approval rating climbed to a high of 66 percent in an April 1-5 New York Times/CBS News poll released today. The poll follows recent surveys by the Gallup Poll, Quinnipiac University and the Pew Research Center showing that about six out of 10 Americans approve of the job the president is doing."

    6 out of 10 approval = majority.
  7. There you go again with that fancy advanced math. Please stop with the shameless elitism.
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    I just see our country going to shit and I'm trying to get the word out.

    At this point Its not about left or right... if you cant see its a one party system that has been taken over by the fed your hopeless.
  10. Getting the word out on ET???
    What a total joke.

    Nobody gives a rat's ass about ET.
    Has it ever been quoted by a major financial news service like Reuters or Bloomberg?

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