MSNBC liberals call republicans "Teabaggers"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NazSpaz, Apr 16, 2009.

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    OK, totally getting sick of all the MSNBC programs that are full on liberal propaganda machines, Keith Olberman and the like. They bash republicans on a huge scale, I would think even hardened democrats would think they take it too far, you be the judge:

    Here they call the the tea party protesters "Teabaggers" and go on forever with the euphemisms.

    It starts out "It's going to be Teabagging Day for the Right Wing and they are going Nuts for it. Thousands of them Whipped Out the festivities this past weekend and while the parties are officially toothless the teabaggers are Full-Throated about their goals, they want to give President Obama strong Tongue-lashing and Lick Government Spending...." This goes on further, watch here:

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    Don't know about you guys, but pretty sick of the republican bashing at this point, the dems won, why do they keep taking it to higher levels? I really think this could backfire on them and swing some people the other way eventually, it is like they just want to keep rubbing their victory in everyone's face and belittle the people upset about all the government spending as basically saying they are toothless and can do nothing to stop it.

    Also, bugs me more than anything that they try to say these tea parties were thought up by Newt Gingrich and the republican elite, to me I still feel it is a movement of the people that was kind of kicked into motion with Rick Santelli's speech. I know I am upset about the bailouts and no republican leaders made me feel that way.
  2. have you listened to fox news lately? even the sat morning business shows have turned into dem bashing and nothing else. bulls and bears has become unwatchable.
  3. You must of read this article

    Ann Coulter
    On MSNBC, hosts Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have been tittering over the similarity of the name "tea parties" to an obscure homosexual sexual practice known as "tea bagging." Night after night, they sneer at Republicans for being so stupid as to call their rallies "tea bagging."

    Every host on Air America and every unbathed, basement-dwelling loser on the left wing blogosphere has spent the last week making jokes about tea bagging, a practice they show a surprising degree of familiarity with.

    Except no one is calling the tea parties "tea bagging" -- except Olbermann and Maddow. Republicans call them "tea parties
  4. Fox essentially organized the so-called "Tea Parties," by announcing ahead of time where and when they would be held and that they, Fox, would be there. They were saying "Come and join us, bring your friends and family." Absurd.
  5. Why don't you libtards start your own rally, a call for higher taxes and even more spending?
  6. Exactly, and they could have VP Joe Biden (via a video feed) explaining how "paying taxes is patrotic", along with some other losers from ACORN and Security would be provided by the Nation of Islam. Would be reminiscent of Jonestown.
  7. They resort to crude language because they have no real rational argument.

    The best they can come up with is a joke about Gay sex. How hypocritical is that?
  8. I'd just like to reiterate my absolute disdain, mistrust, and pity for the left...

    Any group of people in such need that their lives be centrally controlled deserve a bit of pity ... and to be kicked sqaurely in the balls.


    EDIT: -The only "historical" aspect of Obama's presidency is his unparalled narcissm, and the stupidity of his followers.


    I find it humorous the IDIOT-LEFT MEDIA mocks the tea-party.... THESE IDIOT-LEFTIST probably wish they still bowed to the European king of england.
  9. LOL I thought you were joking with the quotes above but David Schuster actually said that. Pretty blatant and retarded reporting I would say. I can't stand that guy anyways and glad he lost his show. He is just annoying to listen to.

    "give President Obama strong Tongue-lashing and Lick Government Spending...."

    WTF? Who would ever talk like that?? TV "Journalism" has sunk to a new low once again.
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    bush ruined us,who s the idiot that allowed that?.....
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