MSNBC & Howard Dean

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wallet, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Wallet


    Hardball with Chris Matthews

    I just heard Dean say that Brown's win was because moderates wanted more healthcare than was offered in the bill and was a victory for the Dems?????????

    I can't believe my ears, Dean's delusional.
  2. rc822


    Ha Ha Ha! Howard Dean on crack!!!!
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  4. Did you happen to see MSNBC last night after the results?

    It's truly unbelievable.

    Keith Olberman took cheap shots at scott brown every chance he could. He is such a whiny piece of shit. He deserves a serious beating.

    rachel maddow and chris matthews actually sat there stating that Obamas policies weren't left enough and people were angry about it.

    Holy shit, I could not believe it. Now Howard Dean is towing the same line.

    another glaring example of how absolutely stupid the democratic party really is.

    Not to mention the coakley campaign misspelled massachusetts WRONG in one of their ads. If Bush did it you would be hearing about it for the next 50 years.

  5. rc822


    If that was their reaction to Brown winning, I can only imagine what they'll do when the Republicans win 5-6 Senate seats, and take the House majority on Nov. 2nd. Maybe they'll all kill themselves on live T.V. I'd pay to see that!!!!!! :p