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    Shoving Match Between Chris Matthews' Hecklers, MSNBC Producer Investigated at RNC
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    There's more...

    Chris Matthews gets into confrontation with GOP delegates
    By Erik Wasson and Russell Berman - 08/31/12 04:27 PM ET

    TAMPA, Fla. — MSNBC host Chris Matthews got into a heated exchange with Republican delegates at a Tampa restaurant early Friday morning following the conclusion of the GOP national convention.

    Matthews was booed and sworn at as he was leaving the Tinatapas restaurant, which is near the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Matthews turned back and confronted the taunting GOP officials. The Hill witnessed the exchange and interviewed Republican delegates after the confrontation.

    Matthews told The Hill in a phone interview that after he left the restaurant, he heard a group of guys “heckling” and “hooting and hollering” at him.

    He headed back into the restaurant to mix it up with them. “I wanted to confront them,” Matthews said, describing his exchange with the men as “towel-snapping” among guys.

    Matthews said he told the rowdy group, “What’s this, a douchebag convention?”

    The Republicans became angry and retorted back.

    “I told him that’s next week," said New York delegate Anthony Nunziato, referring to the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., that will start on Tuesday.

    In a statement emailed to The Hill on Friday afternoon, Matthews said, “I was talking to this 2 a.m. get-together of loud-talking people who had been heckling me from inside a restaurant and were now huddled together around a table. It was that get-together, right there in front of me; that was the ‘convention’ I was towel-snapping about. When The Hill called me and suggested I might have been referring to the Republican National Convention I couldn’t believe it. That’s wrong.”

    He added, “I was trying in my way to engage, as I often do, with critics, hoping to find some common ground. Sometimes it works out better than this.”

    Sal Bacarella, who was in town to attend the convention, told The Hill that when Matthews entered the restaurant, New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich, a GOP delegate, waved to him. But Matthews snubbed Ulrich, according to Bacarella.

    Ulrich then attempted to acknowledge Matthews as the "Hardball" host exited the restaurant, a gesture that Matthews answered with a "dirty look," prompting loud boos from other delegates at the restaurant, Bacarella said.

    One convention-goer yelled out "hey, a--hole," to Matthews, at which point the combative host walked back toward the hostile bunch.

    The delegates said that they asked Matthews whether he had gotten a thrilling sensation from Mitt Romney’s speech on Thursday night, and Matthews responded that he had not.

    Following a 2008 speech by then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, Matthews said, "I felt this thrill going up my leg."

    The “Hardball” host made news earlier this week after he got into a heated argument on "Morning Joe" with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Matthews accused the GOP and the Romney campaign of playing the race card.

    Priebus said Matthews's comments were “garbage,” and Matthews responded, "It's your garbage."

    The RNC head subsequently called Matthews "unhinged" and "hysterical."
  3. pspr


    Oh those BSNBC producers are always looking for trouble. Wait until obama loses and they all go ape shit.

    Are the jails big enough to hold all the riotous liberals?
  4. I thought that Chris gives the impression of a republican. Are you suggesting he is a democrat? I believe that NBC/CNN/fox/others are rather insignificant nowdays, and that CBS is where eyeballs go.
  5. jem


    I think matthews needs a sabbatical... he is starting to seem more and more unhinged on his show.

    he needs some time off to recharge and integrate his political advocacy and his faith. Right now the tension between the two is killing him.
    I see it every time he asks questions of guys on about abortion issues. he artfully phrases the question but you can see he knows its bullshit.

    His thrill advocates for the barbaric practice of killing babies who are just about out of the mom... partial birth abortion is murder to anyone who believes in the God of the bible.

    His thrill also tells Matthews church to pay for abortion causing drugs.
    Any thinking american would have to be against that.

    Hey Chris you are on the wrong team.
  6. MSNBC? FOX? Fair and balanced? Of course not, who would ever think so?

    RNC attendees tossing peanuts, Chris causing a rift in a bar, same level ? Not sure about that.
  7. All I can say about that is: try that crap on me and it's gonna be all over the nightly news as matthews and his bodyguard are interviewed from the hospital.
  8. Matthews has completely become unhinged like most of the other democrats.

    He needs to be placed under observation.
  9. Lucrum


    Subconscious Desperation?
  10. BSAM


    Just say it, Jem: Abortion is murder.
    #10     Sep 1, 2012