MSNBC Continues Ratings Plunge

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wjk, May 28, 2013.

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    Apparently there is only so much lying a liberal can handle in a non election year.
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    I remember Air America. I tried to listen to that s%^t. It was such drivel!! It was childish, it was insulting, it just sucked. They didn't last too long. TV is a better medium for bullshitting people and making them FEEL as if they have been informed but eventually the churning stomach is a giveaway even to a dedicated lib.
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    BSNBC ratings are at a 7 year low. I laugh at their troubles. :D
  5. MSNBC is a left wing station?

    I thought they "lean forward"?

    Very confusing.
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    Yeah, they "lean forward" all the while they literally curse guys like me and my then Marines who did what we had to do so they could spew their " free speech" outlandish/lost garbage... i pray my Son understands what I did to free people who didn't really want to be free at the time. I pray for forgiveness for them as well as me... Do I despise the msm? Oh yes! Do I understand their money/evil motivations? Yes I do, sadly...
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    Fuck them!
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    That may be true with some liberal voters but I think that is absolutely false with regard to liberal politicians.
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    Maybe because their sycophants are going against message:

    MSNBC Editor: Obama’s Case for Syria ‘Embarrassing,’ ‘Muddled’

    MSNBC executive editor Richard Wolffe slammed President Obama for having yet to give a clear rationale for military intervention in Syria. “I do think that the president’s press conference today was actually embarrassing,” Wolffe said today. “It was as muddled and unconvincing as you could possibly imagine.”

    “If you want to take a country to a difficult place, which is this authorization for war, you have to be much more clear and convincing about what the rationale is,” he continued. He bashed the administration for continuing to push a “fundamentally mixed,” contradictory case to Congress: “What they’re saying all the time is, ‘This a small thing, it’s a small thing, it’s really a small thing, but we’re asking you to do a big thing, which is to vote on it.’”

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