MSNBC, CNN Beaten By Cartoon Network In Ratings. Fox News Continues It's Domination.

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    Yeah, priceless.

    Some 70% of Americans believe in guardian angels. Therefore there are in fact guardian angels?

    You can have your majority.

    Oh, but you don't want your majority when you disagree with the majority. Then you trot out the "America is actually a constitutional republic" bit, and remind us that the founders warned us about democracy, and rule by majority.
  3. Beats actually being a cartoon. :D
  4. Hello Ricter

    Majority rule in the free market = Good

    Mob rule versus constitutional republic = Not so good
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    It's a majority when we like its actions/opinions, it's a mob when we don't.
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    "As Americans wait for Congress to act on health care, a Fox News poll released Thursday finds 55 percent oppose the reforms being considered, while 35 percent favor them.
    In addition, just over half of voters think House Democrats are “changing the rules” to get their bill passed."

    "A national survey sponsored by Center for Medicine in the Public Interest-Advance in partnership with Pajamas Media and conducted just this week by the Roper organization shows 60 percent of all Americans regard as unfair the current Democrat proposal to "deem" the Senate health care bill as passed and sending it to the President without voting up or down on it."
  7. And apparently Tom and Jerry have a greater following than any Fox News show. That must suck since some of you take it so seriously.

  8. Here is an example of how honest this network is, just a small sample among many.

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