MSNBC chief admits MSNBC is not a real news station.

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    Max E.

    Something we all knew all along.

    MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin: Our Network Is ‘Not The Place’ For Breaking News

    Over the last several months, it has become pretty clear that when it comes to ratings, MSNBC struggles during breaking news events, while CNN and Fox both receive boosts. In an interview with the New York Times this morning, MSNBC chief Phil Griffin essentially conceded the “breaking news” mantle to the other networks, telling viewers that his network is not focused on that sort of coverage.

    In what seems like a stunning admission, Griffin said: “We’re not the place for that,” he said of breaking news. “Our brand is not that.”

    Instead, he explained, MSNBC’s bread and butter is progressive political talk and analysis.
  2. MSNBC - so much FAIL
  3. pspr


    Yeah, they admitted that they are just a political opinion network.

    AKA, Air America.
  4. LEAPup


    Sad part is many, many loons actually believe what bsnbc spews to be news.
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    Yep, also known as useful idiots.
  6. pspr


    That's where Buckwheat and IQ-47 get their news. Is it any wonder the stupid things they say?