msnbc can't be losing the ratings war

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Index piker, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Msnbc just cannot be losing the ratings war as often depicted
    on Fox News channel.

    I just recently changed my satellite subscriptions and have discovered msnbc.

    It's hands down the damn funniest channel I get.

    Chris Matthews is a riot. (I remember his self reported incontinence issue caused by obama)

    olberman Boy that's one giant grumpy geek. really has a crush on palin

    Big ed: the left's rush Limbaugh advocating voter fraud.

    rachel maddow Haven't seen much of the show , cute little boy though.
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  3. Yes, unintentional parodies are the funniest.
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    Maybe Msnbc should change their name to The Comedy Channel.
  5. nah how about the ASS channel:

    All the Sycophantic Socialism you can stand.

    their motto before after each show:

    Kissing obama's ass all the time.
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    Morally, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt Air America went... well... bankrupt recently, go figure... MSNmayBC can't be that far behind