MSNBC Busted in one of the most egregious edit jobs yet.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Wow..... This is pathetic.... :D

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  2. The liberal media is disgraceful.

    Journalistic integrity went out the window decades ago.
  3. JamesL


    BSNBC guys. (or MSDNC - take your pick)

    Bright spot... only a select segment actually watches that channel.
  4. Getting to be more like Pravda every day.

  5. This is how you marginalize a candidate so that if he wins you can claim there was something fishy about the election. You slant polling data. You beat the drum about voter registration laws being to strict. You show edited videos. When the guy wins you feign disbelief and claim some type a fraud happened. Afterall, every poll, every news story you showed had the candidate in a very weak postion.
    MSNBC should be prohibited from commenting on the election from now until the election without showing a disclaimer that they support Obama and are slanting their stories while telling lies.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    What bugged me most about the clip was not MSNBC trying to pile on and lie about Romney, that should be expected from them.

    The problem I have is with Joe Scarborough being a part of that. I have always liked that show because Scarborough was one of the guys who was a conservative, who was not a cheerleader. And their show used to present a pretty good balance. Mika is a die hard Obama apologist who always throws a hissy fit when she is challeneged, but it was usually balanced by Scarborough, who was also capable of criticising his own side when they were wrong.

    I dont particularly like watching, or listening to cheerleaders like Hannity, or Limbaugh, so i rarely watch their show, up until this election I always enjoyed the fact that Scarborough was a guy who was willing to call bullshit on convervatives when the situation presented itself, but at the same time he always called bullshit on Mika Brezinski

    Up unti this election, Scarborough seemed like a stand up guy. Lately however he seems to have turned into yet another Obama apologist down at MSNBC, and this clip of him laughing at an obviuosly doctored video just sent it over the edge. It really is sad that a guy like Scarborough was willing to sell out his principles just to continue working down at MSNBC.

    I always enjoyed this show up until this election when Scarborough obviously sold out and started playing the role of a false conservative, while he relentlessly attacks Romney, and defends Obama.....

    This just sealed the deal for me, Scarborough obviously sold out for money, and he should be treated no differently than fake conservatives like Andrew Sullivan at this point. I never use the term "RINO" just cause someone is willing to attack their own party, but Scarborough has now turned into the "Pat Caddell" of MSNBC.

    I just cant stand the dishonesty in people who claim to be big supporters of one side who clearly use that as a platform to add legitimacy to attacks on their own so called beliefs, all for the money.
  7. That's funny Joe Scarborough has always given me the impression you just stated, just a milder version of Ed Schultz .
  8. pspr


    They think their viewship is low now, wait until after the election and the die hard liberals forget about politics. Those liberal channels will be lucky to survive another two years.
  9. Eight


    Liberals are just trashy people.
  10. wildchild


    They media has been hedging in this manner for at least the past 6 months and probably more. If Romney wins it will be because of voter id laws, because Romney outspent Obama, or some other bogus claim.

    You have to understand that dems don't lose gracefully. They make excuses and get mean and nasty about it.
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