Msn Live Chat E Mini Futures Trading Group

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mabenn, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. mabenn


    Hey All,

    I'm looking to form a group of serious traders that want to chat with others during E-Mini Trading hours.

    I will be using msn and eventually GotoMeeting for midday meetings.

    The goal would be to help one another by providing fellowship and insight. Two eyes are sometimes better than one.

    PM me if interested, or add me to your msn @

    Please only those with a positive, constructive attitude!

  2. Gcapman


    2 eyes are always better than 1 !!!!!

    LMFAO !!!!!!
  3. Zero1


    I had a very successful group back in 1997 thru 2002. I managed the group and we had our own website. We also had around 60,000 hits per day on that website because of our daily reports. Once the market opened then we reverted to trading and each individual had a specific job to look at whether is was oil, gold, indices winners looser etc etc. Once the market opened we would compare charts one handling tick, 5 min 15 min 30 min and 60. We also published our trades for everyone to see. Transparency was key. THe only one criteria we had is that you had to have had a a strong and valid experience in being a technician/chartist. Have elliot wave understanding and have studied Fib. I am going to put a small group together in October based on the same group I had with Sharepower. If anyone is interested they can contact me but I don't mess around and if you can't bring to the table a strong understanding of the markets and how to trade them then I will not waste my time sorry. I am allot of fun but when trading starts I'm focused and I do my homework heavily.