msn email, ET, IB, bigcharts or QT infected

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hoodooman, May 5, 2004.

  1. After reading other threads today on virus infections, I checked my computer and found trojan Harnig.M. The above sites are the only places that I have been since I cleared my machine last night.
  2. from a software that was meant to be a spyware detector and cleaner. I even paid for it!!! I am going to return it to them and request a full refund as I don't think that I can use something that cannot be trusted and that already cost me a lot in terms of time spent on fixing the problems caused by this virus. The program is called Spykiller.
  3. what virus scanner did you use to check your machine?

    i run AVG and have not one peep from it.
  4. gaj


    did you receive email via outlook? could have gotten trojan that way.

    do you have a firewall on your machine?

    have you updated windows with all the new updates (

    i just removed trojan from someone's machine, it's a nasty virus. relatively easy to take care of, but it can be real dangerous.

    (opens your machine up to spammers / stores keystrokes and passwords to send to another machine, depending on which strain of it).
  5. Idoogye


    I just (a few minutes ago) came on the board and opened this thread, whereupon this message from McAfee VirusScan popped up: "The File C:\WINDOWS\TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES\CONTENT.IE5\WDM7452J\SHOWTHREAD[1].PHP was infected by the Exploit-MhtRedir.gen trojan and has been deleted to complete the Clean process."

    The same thing happened when I opened the thread on Ryan Jones (with a different filename, of course), and then happened twice more when I came back to this thread. It hasn't happened on other threads (so far). Hmm.


  6. Hmmm this seems to be a problem specific to McAfee...
  7. Imogene


    Yup I get that notice too from my virus software -think it's on one of the thread's -not good.
  8. what is your virus software??? so we can check too!
  9. Not at all, I got the same virus today and found it using Avant. I don't know if I got it here, but chances are it was the case...
  10. Imogene


    My virus software is McAffee -I only get the notice on my pc at work -not on my Mac at home.
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