MSN article : Pulling the Plug too soon..?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by olias, Feb 3, 2011.

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    regardless of the stupidity of Keynesian policies, the patient is currently in vegetarian state. the ONLY thing keeping it alive is the spending and printing of money and inflation. eventually it will come home to roost no matter what is done. the longer we hold out, the worse it will be. this, to me, is a certainty.
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    Well the first one didn't work. And the second one didn't work,. But what the heck maybe the eigth one will. Or the twenty-second.

    I mean, Japan almost has it figured out. Maybe. That's only another 10 more years of on-again, off-again QE. Then we can be in the same great shape they are.
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    We averted the second Great Depression didn't we? we are growing again? Unemployment is still high, yes, but how can you say it didn't work?

    Everyone knows we can't keep doing it, but the argument is that it's better than immediate austerity. A necessary evil.
  5. How do you know second great depression was averted?
    Because Bernanke told so?
    GDP growth measures spending and nothing else so if governmnet spends more GDP grows

    government doesn't need anyone to grow GDP
    Fed can print 20 trillion, government can spend it and GDP will grow 30% in one year

    Is that growth you refer to?

    Depression was averted for Goldman CEO, that's for sure

    for others, it's not clear yet
  6. Who is the brave soul to dare to pull the plug?

    Jack "Shortie" Kevorkian Out :cool:
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    That's a fair point, of course. But it's not just Bernanke. I've read enough from enough people that I respect to convince me that we were on the brink of disaster. If you think that' bs, then I don't know what to tell you.

    My point (or question as it were) still remains: how can you say the bailouts and stimulus did not work?
  8. How do those people know? Because Bernanke told them?
    I have not seen a single serious model what would happen if no bailouts
    SO if you have read enough maybe you will provide a link?

    definetely Goldman woudn't exist and their top management would work as Pizza Hut delivery men

    short term appearance of stability doesn't mean it works

    look at Peter Schiff videos from 2006 everybody was happy with a brilliant monetary policy

    He was alone. Now you can't find a single independent observer who says long term Fed policy is good
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    This was from part of the article I posted today, do you really think Bubble ben bernake is going to pull the plug, hahaha, this has become a fucking game, the system is broken and the only way to keep it running is by throwing worthless monopoly dollars at the problem...what doesn't anyone understand, Bubble ben bernanke is only going to create new bubbles in all different asset classes because that's the only thing he knows how to do.....


    The Fed chairman defended the U.S. central bank's controversial $600 billion bond buying program, saying its benefits are evident from a range of financial market metrics.

    These include higher stock prices and less volatility in equities markets and narrower spreads between riskier and less risky corporate bonds, he said.
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    Haha, man, that guy is dumb!
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