MSM Continue to Bash Tea Party, Ignore New Black Panthers

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  1. Blackout: MSM Continue to Bash Tea Party, Ignore New Black Panthers
    Posted by Frank Ross Jul 12th 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Stunning that the MSM still fosters the impression that the Tea Partiers are a hotbed of armed, racist resentment, when a group that actually is a hotbed of armed, racist resentment sails blithely beneath the mainstream radar:

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    So which ET lib is going to post the tea party video equivalent to the one above?
  2. Seems all political news or about political groups is censored.... even lied about, sometimes. So much for the "4th Estate". As they have become Left's propaganda arm, the probabilities of America becoming Communist-like or Nazi-like have are increased significantly. Without a genuinely free and honest press, our days are numbered as "the land of freedom". :mad:
  3. Speaking of which:

    Zuckerman, Beckel Reveal Previously Undisclosed Ties to Obama WH
    By Lachlan Markay
    Tue, 07/13/2010 - 14:13 ET

    The confluence between the Obama administration and the journalists who cover it can leave news consumers wondering if they're getting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    Two prominent media personalities -- liberal Fox News Channel commentator Bob Beckel and media mogul Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News -- have recently let slip that they have worked closely with the Obama administration. Neither disclose this fact with regularity. Indeed, their recent admissions were revelatory.

    Zuckerman, a self-described Obama supporter, has written at least one speech for the President. Beckel, who worked with David Axelrod during the campaign, is now an adviser in some capacity to the White House.

    When Beckel goes on Fox to bemoan "Republicans who are shooting their mouths off [and] have no idea what they're talking about," is he speaking as a political commentator, or as an adviser to, and consequently a representative of, the Obama White House? His recent admission has obscured that line.

    And when the New York Daily News's editorial board endorsed Elena Kagan's nomination for the Supreme Court, was it Mort Zuckerman the media mogul or Mort Zuckerman the speechwriter overseeing the endorsement?

    Granted, Zuckerman is more of a centrist than Beckel. $2.8 billion in assets is generally enough to turn one against liberals' business-bashing instincts. But despite Zuckerman's chiding of Obama for his anti-business policies and rhetoric, his work for the administration raises questions of journalistic objectivity. He at least has a responsibility to disclose the fact.

    As Ed Morrissey writes,
    It is worth mentioning that both of Obama's speechwriters have denied ever speaking to -- let along collaborating with -- Zuckerman on any of Obama's public addresses.
  4. These clowns need to be ridiculed without restraint.

    here's their flag

  5. achilles28


    The Liberal media race-bait 24/7 to promote derision and strife amongst racial lines.

    Liberal media are there to stir the pot. To turn the Country against itself, to promote violence, in the hopes they get another McVeigh or Waco.
  6. Beckel should be the poster boy for the Left... He's a TOTAL LIAR... A WASTE OF HUMAN SKIN... Among the MOST DESPICABLE of Democrats. :mad: :mad:
  7. No matter how you feel about them, the Tea Party people are a large group of voters and are serious about the issues they care about. They include educated and even wealthy individuals. Most journalist believe that they will have a decisive impact on politics in the coming elections.

    The New Black Panther party is nothing but a joke and everyone including all 10 of its members know this. This group is more like a circus coming to town. They show up, let the clowns run lose collect money from those who were momentarily entertained then leave, having had no noticeable impact on anything.

    Most serious journalist hate covering stories about the local crazies...rather they be 10 man teams of neo-nazi skin heads dancing in a mosh pit and making Hitler salutes or black radicals shouting complete absurdities that even they do not believe.

    The black community has long been victimized by these racial charlatans shouting black power and making angry speeches and almost everyone of them...from the Nation of Islam to Reverend Wright have done nothing, but drain those stupid enough to follow them and donate to them. These groups do nothing but destroy those they claim to "protect". As soon as reverend Wright made millions he built a huge house in a white neighborhood. Once the members of the new Black PAnther party get enough cash they will do the same and they will then dissappear.
  8. The way you prefaced your statement, sounds like you're not much in favor of the Tea Party.

    If so, too bad. If ALL of America embraced Tea Party principles, America could stop swirling down the toilet and become great again.
  9. I have an idea. Why don't the the Tea baggers and New Black Panthers square off. Hell I'll even provide the land and refreshments. They'll kill each other off and I'll have Chinese Doctors there with my swimming pool full of ice to harvest the organs. To me that is win-win-win-win. Love it. Who's in?!?!?!

  10. The new black pant'ers can hardly dress themselves.

    Their time in the sun is over.
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