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    "Can one really be succesful trading?"

    "What is the success rate of traders?"

    "How much of a return can one expect over X period?"

    "What's the best broker for Options/Futures/Forex/Stocks?"

    "Should I daytrade or swingtrade?"

    "Who has the best Forex spreads?"

    "Are all Forex brokers bucket-shops?"

    "Should I trade futures or cash?"

    "Should I switch from stocks-to-futures, futures-to-forex, daytrading-to-swingtrading, trading-to-investing."

    "What are the best books to read to start trading X?"

    "What are the best trading psychology books?"

    "Which is better, Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis?"

    "Does X technical indicator work?"

    "What's the best setting for X technical indicator?"

    "How do you use X technical indicator?"

    "Why does ET allow multiple aliases?"

    "What is scalping?"

    "Why can't ET ban Coinz for good?"

    "What's the best trading hardware setup?"

    "Is Grob/Hershy an insane nut or an insane genius?"

    "Do you use only price/vol or do you use indicators?"

    "Which is better: System or Discretionary trading?"

    "What's the best charting program?"

    "What site or channel has the best news?"

    "Should I pay attention to the news?"

    "Who is the hottest babe on CNBC?"

    "Why doesn't Baron run this site like I think he should?"

    Please feel free to add your own...

  2. What happened to the porn thread?
  3. microkid


    Who are the most rude members?
  4. " I got you SEARCH button, Right here is you stupid search button"

    Newbies are in here looking for shortcuts, they do exist on the road to riches, correct?............:D

    (and never forget, what works not for them surely works not for others. That would be an admission of not doing the proper amount of homework to get a passing grade.)
  5. cud be a good idea to open a new friggin' forum exclusively dedicated to nobbers q's&a.
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    Goodness, how'd this old thread come up again? Did somebody do a search on "search"? (Wouldn't that, like, make the universe implode or sumpin?)