Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bttweb, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. bttweb


    been quitely sneaking up since mid July.. sadly didnt see it early..
    did anyone see it coming and will it break $27...ideas...
  2. zxcv1fu


    I have been trading call options with it. Closed my option cause I think it may fill the gap to around $27 & stalls for a while.
  3. nitro


  4. Long with calls.

    50 contracts, to be exact (Jan 08), and that ain't no chump change.

    MSFT will run to $35+ warts and all.
  5. i like softy

    i have some calls and some stock too

    beginning of a new product cycle

    no debt

    clean balance sheet.

    good cash flow

    nice dividend

    chugs out earning - stock has been dull for a long while but its a great company. conservative play but if things turn down - these quality companies are a good place to be.... i dont know about trading it... the break at 26 was saweet - but i will hold this in my portfolio....
  6. With the Nintendo WII and PS3 coming out.. Plus the possibilities of further delays on MSFT's new operating system and office product.. I am a little bearish on this stock. I am shorting it as I think it will go down. On the other hand.. I've done well with AAPL. :) Lucky I guess....
  7. I believe this high yesterday was an important high. At least for a week or so.