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  1. Down 11% and 250 Million shares traded in the first hour of the day!
    Now is a good time to buy MSFT for the long term.
  2. Sell it out when it gets back to $27/share. We'll see how long that takes.
  3. Please explain why it is a good time to buy MSFT now. I really like to learn some secret trading secrets.
  4. I'm not sure if this is what the other poster was seeing but, from watching the L2 on Friday, although there was heavy selling there was also some instances of very heavy buying. If it would have tanked on lighter volume and not so much tug-of-war we could conclude that the stock may be weak due to lack of buyers at this level. Keep in mind that the last time we saw these levels wasn't actually that long ago; November and April 2005. There seems to be good support around the 24 mark. Go check out a 3 year chart.

    Just what I perceived. I could be wrong. I have no current position in the aforementioned stock.
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    I bought some shares at 24.18 on Friday. If you want to get in MSFT on Monday, I think 24 to 24.25 is a good and safe entry range.Don't get upset if it goes 0.25 against you. Remember what happened to INTC. MSFT can go up $1.5 in a day with a bullish comment on some restructuring or a new product or ....
  6. could it be, that Bill Gates is no longer No. 1 on the Forbes 400 with MSFT = $24?

    When I look over the numbers, it seems so.
    It's possible that MSFT will find some support at the April '05 and November '05 lows and gets a little bounce to the trendline from the July '02 low. But why take the risk; there are many, many better opportunities!
  8. I have nothing in $soft nor would I long term. From a fundamental standpoint I view them as a sell .....
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    I never call MSFT as a falling knife. Falling knife examples were Enron,Worldcom, Brex Mineral
  10. Just FYI, he doesn't care about the stupid list. And I don't think anyone on the billionaires list actually care about ranking. He enjoy what he is doing.

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