Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Gwhiz, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Gwhiz


    trade MSFT on the rebound at the end of the after hours trading session?
  2. ehmm...what freakin' rebound[?] da stock is near da lows down -1.54, r0r, never had a moment to breathe.
  3. what rebound?
  4. Gwhiz


    I mean buy at the end of the after hours trading session and then wait for the rebound tommorow in regular market hours
  5. volkl23


    why AH?
  6. u got it all wrong; in case a stock plunges u buy DURIN' afterhours, after a vbottom is in place'n'some kinda momentum is there for all to see...u get rid of it just before da open or when it touches big post-earnings decliners at open is a coin tosser'n'da tail shows up more often than da head.
  7. 436 million shares have traded already. people want out bad and are treating this thing like toxic waste.
  8. But it stopped at support $24 and it happened during Friday end of week and end of month. The volume was also sky-high. This should mean it's exhausted already? I wonder whether it has the energy to break down the $24.

    Violent move with big volume stopping at support, the next trading bars should be some rebound. Furthermore it's going to be Monday. What do you guys think, will msft break $24 anytime soon?