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  1. I have noticed that a couple of traders on here focus on just one Nasdaq stock, which often times is trading at a relatively high per share price (like BRCM, NVDA etc.). While I understand the reasons for choosing a stock with high per-share volatility/price when you pay per share commissions/ECN fees, it remains a mystery to me exactly why everyone here seems to avoid MSFT.

    Any comments?
  2. I don't day trade much, but if I had to guess, I'd say that people probably don't trade msft much because it's a thick stock. Presumably it would be easier to trade a thin stock with greater short term volitility.
  3. Rigel


    The big stocks have the most skilled market makers working them so it's more difficult to find an advantage.
  4. I do not trade msft cause for me msft is a leading indicator. MSFT is included in all major index - Dow, Nas, S&P....

    I trade moste NASDAQ stock who do not make the same move as the future and microsoft does and then I jump on this stock for a smal abbitrage trade.

    Moste of the time the stock is not moving because a marketmaker is holding the stock If the future and microsoft is moving further in the dircetion the mm jump of the inside and the stock is jumping back to fair value.

    so thats my reason why I dont trade MSFT
  5. If I wanted to trade the market I would trade QQQ not MSFT; the former has smaller spreads and ISLD fills wherever you want em...