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  1. MSFT has shown a tendency over the past couple of years to move in the direction of the high volume gaps.....though each gap was eventually filled.

  2. nitro


    MSFT is going to 20.

  3. did you go are are you going to that

    Transact Futures party?

    ps if Mr Softee goes to 20 then does the nasdaq go back to 1700
    or even lower?
  4. Make sure you let Rbane know, so he can buy some puts.

  5. volatility restriction is nearing decision point.. it will probably explode soon but can you really tell where it will go?
  6. LOL!

  7. MSFT will be @ 35 or above by the end of the year......

    :) :) :)
  8. Luto


    Got to break that pre split 65-72 area IMHO. Otherwise still in range.

    Solid fundamentals in software (42% margin) and scalabilty in manufacturing.

    Probabably not until Longhorn ships, 20 months or so.

  9. That's what I like about ET. You can always be sure to get some solid reliable investment advice. :)

  10. oxymoron!
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