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  1. Seykota


    Bought MSFT closing friday at about $28.72 missed the spike today while at work. Bought it in anticipation of Halo 3.. very new to trading..

    I welcome all comments positive and negative regarding my position and logic.

    I not only want but I think I need to learn.. do feel free to impart wisdom.

  2. Halo 3 wont add any $ to the bottom line. Sell msft. Much better tech 2 put your money in.
  3. Retief


    Saw MSFT recommended today by a top performer at on his blog. He said he was buying it for his virtual and personal accounts.

    According to him MSFT is shareholder friendly because annual dilution is only about 1.8% due to options to insiders and employees, while comparable firms typically have dilution rates of three times that. In addition, the company has bought back 20% of its outstanding stock.

    He also thought the company would see increasing revenues from gaming, and thought that Halo was a positive. Finally, he sees increasing revenue from vista.
  4. How do you intend to trade this stock? Do you have a plan?
  5. Retief


    Here's a link to the blog entry I mentioned:

  6. dont spam your blog

    msft is crap. Halo 3 isn't a big deal.

    dead money with a downside bias
  7. Seykota


    Well, it went up again today.. I expect it to blow tomorow after Microsoft announces record breaking halo 3 sales.

    It doesnt really matter if it isnt a significant addition to the bottom line, the psychology behind it is pretty strong I would feel.

    I think the normal simple minded investors will be much more confident on Halo 3 and the demand will push the stock price higher.

    I term of trading it, like I said I am new.. I havent touched it yet..
    thinking of liquidating my whole position just before the market closes tomorow.