MSFT, what to do?

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  1. I've always heard that exits are the hardest... I don't like to exit too son.

    The story, bought 14,500 shares of MSFT at $28.85 on April 15th, position is now +$56,081.00 or 13.4%.


    Stock is breaking all time highs, strong volume on the breakout and I personally believe MSFT is well positioned to continue to $40.. which would give me a nice profit.


    I know it's very amateur to ask for opinion but I don't care, what's your take? Hold or Sell (I won't let it turn into a loss).
  2. Daring


    Sell in May and go away :)
  3. murrica


    MSFT is breaking all time highs?
  4. murrica


    My chart shows 33 is a good target. Did it hit that? Looks like it did.
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    That is an unexpected price jump that you probably never dreamed would happen, I would be selling. Good luck with it. Back in Dec I was buying EXC and this year it just took off . I was just hoping it would stay at 30 and I could get the dividend but I am itching to sell so I have a very close stop.
  6. ofthomas


    if i was in your situation, i would take off half my position, and hold the other half while buying puts around your entry price...

    first off, the stock has not been $40 since 2000.... in 2008, it reached $37... it went around $32 back in 2010 twice.... and again in 2012...

    maybe it goes to $35-6, maybe it will not... who knows... but I am all for covering half and then possibly just doing some put spreads... look at options volume for some indication as to what might happen as well...

    you really seem to have gotten lucky with the trade considering you bought just before the breakout... so congrats.
  7. MSFT was under-performing the market for a long time and now it is in line. You can gamble if you like but I will leave you with this....

  8. Josef K

    Josef K

    Looking at the chart, I say sell your entire position. The stock has already had a huge run up and looks set for a pullback. It's reached a potential resistance zone, and it's May. It might go up a few more percent in the short term but, considering the risk, I don't think that it's worth staying in.

    In any case, if you sell, you can always buy again. And it looks to me like you could have a chance of buying back at lower prices during the next few weeks.
  9. Another thought, buy some puts to lock in your profit and then you can gamble!

    Hell lets go CRAZY, buy some puts to lock in your profits and then write some short term calls to pay for them!
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. I am not comfortable with options, have never done it...

    It seems MST just broke $33, my account is at +$58k pl

    I am hoping we will get to $39 which in turn would add $6/share x 14,500 and give me another $87k in profit for a total of $145k in profit...

    I am hoping the push to the upside will come in the form of short position covering above $33, successful xbox launch and improved cloud revenue (Azure) which nows owns 25% of the market... Windows phone and tablets will take awhile but again, Blackberry is back isn't it ?

    My worst case scenario is to (not make) $25k ...

    How I am going to resist the temptation of selling? I am going on a 14 days cruise, therefore having little to no access to internet... we shall see.
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