MSFT Wants 4K To Fix My Computer Clock

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Trader5287, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. There was a time WAAY back when ... a lad would have to go to a command prompt each and every switch back and forth between DST and type the word "date" and set his own date and time. I find it harder to set the clock in my vehicle. Can we move on.
  2. is this a joke??

    i suppose it ain't. who the hell in his right mind would pay up...u can buy 2 new quality pc with 4k.

    and they originally wanted 40k!! hilarious.
  3. JDAndy


    I think that the 4K charge is for the commercial customers. The fix is already available for XP (home & Pro) on the MSFT site. According to the list below, it appears that Win2000 was "overlooked" in this fix.
  4. As usual I suggest trying Linux. Ubuntu/Kubuntu is so easy to install and use... Why wouldn't you?


    Support OpenSource :)
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but most trading apps won't run on Linux will they? Isn't that why most traders use windows based OS?
  6. Yeah I guess, and I think it sucks that monopolies like M$oft and regional ISP providers still exist. (My own personal gripes). OpenSource is gaining popularity and it will change the market in time.

    But, It's very easy to load Ubuntu/Kubuntu along with your Windows (or other OS). Just pop in the Linux install CD and it will allow you to have both Windows and Linux on your box to choose from.

    For instance, because of an educational website that I'm utilizing now, which unfortunately doesn't support Linux, I am writing this post via Windows. Where as, I use Linux for everything else.

    Virtualization is also a possibility which allows you to be in one operating system and open up your other operating system as if it was just another application on your box.

    OpenSource is getting bigger; even Dell is now offering Linux OS support.

    By the way, something pretty cool... Something that's called Beryl is blowing away Vista's new functionality and eye-candy. See videos for visual details. :cool: