MSFT to $10?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JSSPMK, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Price hovering around long term support, to me it looks like MSFT is about to start its decline towards $10.

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  2. That would put MSFT around 88 billion valuation which would put them in the leage of AAPl. Highly unlikely given MSFT's ebitda is over 4 times that of AAPL and both has same amount of cash on hand.
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    @10.00 per share MSFT would have a PE of 5 & a 6% divivend. I wouldnt want to see what kind of economy we would be in to have MSFT fall to 10, it would be ugly.
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  5. Next support is $15 area
  6. We are in that economy now! For me Apple and NSFT are different types of tech. MSFT still mainly a software and Apple sells their own products with their own software. I'll still like MSFT all the way down to zero, unless their huge cash horde starts fading away fast. :D :(
  7. J J aapl

    J J aapl

    there would have to be a lot of ppl selling it for MSFT to get to $10... i dont know about this one my friend
  8. Google Docs and Open Office, along with Cloud Computing spell the impending death of Mr. Softy.

    Sure, MSFT will milk another several billion out of bundling Windows 7 with the next gen PCs, but it's lights out after that encore.

    Stick a fork in Microshit.
  9. $15 an obvious support, profit taking/value buying expected, on the other hand S&P500 remains bearish for now.

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