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    Good Point!:)
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  2. kowboy


    Is this anything similar to shooting themselves in the foot?

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  3. They bid it up over a dollar (56.50) and some prints even higher.

    And 16 cents on $50 is about 1/4 of 1%.

    Give me a break. The stock moves that much in the time it takes me to sneeze.
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  4. That is the quarterly dividend. I would probably annualize it...
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  5. TGregg


    Bah. From Yahoo, today's range was 55.11 - 56.65, $1.54 per share. Just shy of ten times the flippen quarterly divended. Stock prices need to tank and earnings need to grow by leaps and bounds to bring this market back to reality.
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  6. :D
    that's a riot trdr...those 'split alerts'.. didn't we all know it was a mania when those things came out?

    Apparently MSFT is no longer a growth play...

    oh, and while I'm on the subject: anytime I've ever encountered a Java application, it's been slow and screws up my computer. I know you MSFT haters and geek types probably love it, but I think it stinks, and now it's enforced mediocrity, because MSFT has to integrate it. Puh - leese.
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  7. I have no doubt you would annualize it.

    Unfortunately , you'd be waiting at your mailbox for the other 3 checks in vain. :p

    You have to listen and read very carefully, there will be a test.

    From MSFT website itself:

    Pre-split: Microsoft pays an annual dividend of $0.16 per share.

    Post-split: Microsoft pays an annual dividend of $0.08 per share.

    Thank you for your kind attn:
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  8. Thank you for pointing that out. I stand corrected.
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  9. I'm no software expert but I have the same problem. Why should MSFT have to subsidize Sun? That would be the same Sun that runs its pricey workstations on proprietary software. Anytime I download a java app, I seem to have to update to the latest version of java to make the damn thing work anyway.
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    (I see, maybe they are talking about first-ever dividend)

    On my tracking book, it had split before.


    What the, wrong?


    Stock split is manipulators' ace in the hole.
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