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  2. Yep, and the initial reaction is not favorable. We will have to see how this one turns out.
  3. Given the dividend being offered, it will be the institutions that matter. I don't think they play too much in AH.
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    So people bid it up .54 cents on a .16 dividend, and then it tanked $1 when guidance hit. I noticed that IBM hinted about a dividend. In the past the game was to beat low guidance, now I suppose it is to hint about paying the div.

    OOH wait, my Spilt Pager just went off too, man that thing hasn't vibrated in three years. Gotta hop so I can beat the Wade Cookers to the dance.

  5. I agree on both.
  6. there's a lot of volume going off on MSFT ah, it ain't Mom-n-Pop. Well, not mine anyway.

    After the fall rally, lukewarm earnings and
    uninspiring projections seem to have investors taking profits.

    Maybe next week will be different after this round of selling. In any event , I have been short all week.:p

    ps, 8 million shares afterhours by 5:30
  7. I got off the telephone with my father a few minutes prior the close of the market today. He informed me he was short (uncovered) several MSFT Jan 55 Puts. Looks like he may have some decisions to make tomorrow.
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    What I don't get is the .16 div(pre split)? : :confused:

    If you own a hundred shares, that is not a dividend. Thats lunch!

    That has a div yield of almost nothing. I guess income mutuals can now by the stock,"because it has a div".
  9. dividend hype is a new scam to lure investors back into overvalued stocks.
    dividends are like covered calls. can be nice but not much help if you get a quarter dividend and the stock drops many dollars.
  10. About time for a new one, I say.
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