MSFT price without splits?

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    I am trying to figure out how much a MSFT stock would cost today if there were no splits in the company's history.
    Microsoft went public March 13, 1986 at $21.00 per share. Oh yeah, going to be 20 years old soon!

    Actually there is a spreadsheet here with the 9 stocksplits prices, but I can not open it.

    Can somebody post the prices?

    Edit: I found this on the web from the end of 2004:
    If MSFT stock had never split, the share price today would be $7885.44.

    At that time the stock was exactly at where it is now, so that would answer my question of : If you got 1 MSFT stock at the IPO, how much it is worth today, 20 years later?

    Also the highest price was (adjusted for splits) $120, so if I make a quick calculation:

    (120/27) x 7885 = $ 35044 so that was the highest price what the stock ever reached without splits (assuming there were no splits between now and 2000...)
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    Correct, 9 splits with a mulitplier of 288. After the 9th splits the next day the stock was at $25, so in today's value it would be:

    (27/25) x 288 x 21$ = 6531$

    I found the splits on another website:

    There was one split in 2003 Febr 14, and before that the last was 1999 March 26, when the multiplier was only 144. The next day the stock was at 92.38$. I am having trouble calculating the all time high non-adjusted price, becase I don't have a non-adjusted chart.

    On my adjusted chart from 1999 March 26 to the highest of Dec 28 or so, the stock goes from 45 to 60, thus a multiplier of 1.33.

    So if I calculate it,I am getting:

    1.33 x 144 x 21$ = 4031, but that is less than today's price
    so I am obviously missing something...
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    OK, I figured out the problem, beside the splits I also had to adjust for the increase/decrease between splits too.

    So after the 8th splits, 1 original stock ($21) was worth $13305. From here to the highest ( end of Dec) the stock went up 33% app., thus the overall highest was:


    Today's price would be $7776 for one stock calculating $27 as current price.
  4. wasn't there is a 1 time $10/share dividend issued last year
  5. nitro


    $10? Are you serious? It was $3.