MSFT paid $240m for Facebook stake

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    hahah, what a joke, that values the company at $15 billion....

    one day they will wake up and realize that all this web 2.0 was just hype....

    facebook will be long forgotten over the next decade.....

    :p :p :p
  2. Competition is a hell of a motivator, yeah MS probably over paid but buying taking a stake in Facebook it gives them some leverage to fight off the 600lb Behemoth of the Web called Google. If you didnt already know the Web is huge and constantly expanding when other nations like Africa, China, and India start coming online in vast numbers the web will easily increase 100x which all leads to $$$.
  3. It is easily worth 15 billion. What you have to remember is that facebook has the same audience, if not greater, of a full fledged media company like CNN, Fox, and should have the valuation of such. Alos facebook has huge growth and huge revenue potential. In addition it has completely dominated the marketshare. It is like microsoft in the 80's and dell in the 90's and google today. Nothing can possibly compete with it or topple its lead.
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    dude you are just hilarious ... in your brain everyone is going to dominate the world ... specially if they buy goog
  5. Facebook could easily become the number #2 internet and media company in the world, second only to google.

    May seem farfetched now, but we'll see.
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    honestly this whole internet thing is getting really boring and ... the only difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0 is that, in the second edition there is more porn ... higher quality porn ... wow ain't that great ... and to devote to this growth of intelligence I too have added a porn site on the world wide web (no I'm serious, I did) ... ya you are right can't wait to see more traffic from china, africa and those motherf*n indians ... and do they love it or what ... I don't see this kind of traffic on any of my non-porn websites ... so come on world come visit my site along with other porn shit and fuck your brains ...
  7. Facebook isnt diverse enough to live the long haul Facebook options are:
    1) Grow the business and diverse into other areas
    2) Cash out. Sell out completly to Google, Yahoo, MSFT or Amazon.

    With the same business model Facebook wont be around in 10 years come. Something new and shinny will have come around and the vast amount of facebook users will move on. That's the biggest problem with the social networking sites.
  8. People said the same things about ebay, google, microsoft, ect.

    Sure a new site may come along, but facebook has 50 MILLION users. It would be nearly impossible to make just a fraction switch away form facebook to some other site. The market is already saturated, and facebook and myspace dominate. There is no room for any new sites.
  9. To play the devil's advocate, has anyone been on a college campus lately?

    There's no more asking for numbers. You meet someone and then you look them up on Facebook after you get back. That's it. You get their name and everything else is on Facebook. Everyone, except the social outcasts and the hermits, is on Facebook.

    MySpace is for the pre-college or no-college crowd. As soon as a HSer gets their college email address, they register for Facebook immediately.

    The only question now is will the college grads continue to use Facebook and there is evidence that they are bringing their Facebook accounts over to business and corporate life.

    This phenomenon may be hard to understand for those that never had Facebook in college, myself included. Facebook currently dominates the college social life and unless they are incredibly stupid, they will expand to try to offer a complete platform for every aspect of a college student's life. Whether that be ordering food (seamlessweb, freshdirect, and etc) or ordering books (amazon, b&n) or checking out college courses (already a facebook app) or carpooling home for thanksgiving (FB app), it can and will all be done on Facebook.

    Why is it growing so fast? Because it's just better than anything else out there and has achieved critical mass. It'll be very very hard to unseat the market leader here. Maybe if they make a mistake like LinkedIn and start selling information and access to recruiters who started cold calling me at work, will someone have a chance.

    Whether or not it's worth 15 billion, only the insiders know the real numbers. The only information we have to go on is the 'leaked' project Faternity docs from last year.
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