MSFT Office Ultimate 2007

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  1. Hi, anyone here tried the Office Ultimate 2007. Is it so much better than a regular Office? and is it worth the price?
  2. no, at least for me. I use word & excel only. Sometimes powerpoint.
  3. I think it's much better. OneNote is by far my favorite office tool, and a great way to store all of your research, ideas, etc.

    Excel, works very well, and the fact that it optimizes calculations for multiple cores means it rips through the calcs with blazing speed.
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    What's this thread doing in the trading software forum?
  5. You don't use excel for trading? I find it's an invaluable tool!
  6. Isn't it obvious? :(
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    I like the new Excel very much. There are new functions that I am excited to have.

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    Welp, if you qualify as a student (or faculty or staff for that matter) you can pick up Office Ultimate 2007 for $60 now.

    Not a bad deal.
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  10. Wow...should enroll in a community college course just to get the good deal!
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