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  1. Thanks for the heads up Aphie, but news is wrapping today's fish, it was announced yesterday that the decision is coming today
  2. Some people may not be aware -- just making sure. I have an open debit spread with an uncovered short put at the end.

  3. How many times is the market going to bend me over like this. Damn MSFT -- how much did you give that judge?
  4. It doesn't seem that the SP futures moved much in reaction to the move. Are my quotes off? Anyone have a current as of 5:15?
  5. stuff is rippin up...i got a truckload of qlgc 37.31....and thought today was a waste


    A newbie like you should be completely flat in a news event stock. Let the guys who have capital to risk place their bets.
  7. mrktwiz

    mrktwiz the "chat" room we were talking about the risk of having an open position goin ginto the news of the judges ruling, I would have wanted to be flat myself unless I feel luck ..or want to have another ass_ole ripped into me....again...

    good luck aphie, hope you do ok on the debit spread..

  8. I'm looking at lycos live charts, symbol sp2z, and it seems the S&P futures are down almost 15 points from the close. Could they be selling in response to the MSFT news? Buy the rumor sell the news? Anyone with a different quote?
  9. SPY is up about half a point since the close...
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