MSFT just warned:

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    Vista revenue forecasts too aggressive: Microsoft CEO

    Thursday February 15, 5:22 pm ET

    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqGS:MSFT - News) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said on Thursday analysts' forecasts for revenue from Windows Vista in fiscal 2008 were "overly aggressive" and its shares fell in extended trading.
  2. I'm glad I sold my Jan 08 call options last week for a tidy 380% gain.

    MSFT is going down. Their one trick pony show is ending.
  3. the major market averages have come off ... but nothing so far to write home about

    softee printing $29.15 in AH trades now
  4. i heard they want to get into 'robotics'.
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    SEATTLE, Feb 15 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile , Research) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on Thursday forecast that fiscal 2008 operating expenses would be "somewhat less" than the previous year, likely a bit below $2.7 billion.

    "We will have moderating growth in operating expenses next year but I wouldn't expect a huge drop," Ballmer said in a presentation to analysts.

    Ballmer also said that analysts' forecasts for Windows Vista revenue in 2008 were "overly aggressive" and that the world's biggest software maker expected to do "more of the same" with regard to cash.

    He added that the company was willing to spend money to acquire online customers as the company battles for share against rival Google Inc.
  6. Sorry, Steve Ballmer a dumba**. He laughed at the iPhone and said the Moto Q is a better device.

    Wait, my Window XP is working just fine, why spend money to upgrade hardware and software?

    Ohh wait, Microsoft release has always been buggy. Give it 1 year or 2 before the product cycle start to kick in.
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    yeah windows has really gone down the tubes. Every release since 95 has been getting worse, the only thing they seem to concentrate on is how it looks, but it keeps getting slower, less secure, and more buggy.
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    WTF are you talking about??
  9. Do you think GOOG will get a pop from this?
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    GOOG needs to come out with an operating system..
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