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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by clarodina, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. why is the chart on ib for msft is different from yahoo? msft did not trade on 27 price but ib chart has them
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  2. msft chart
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  3. call ib support about that lol
  4. ib support is really crap

    anyonw know the reason for the different ? the ib is on demo
  5. Mr_RC


    Market data from yahoo MAY already include corrections and filters for certain trade types. Refresh the IB chart if you have the recording from their "realtime" data, you may see a different chart then due to tapping their historical (and hopefully corrected) database.
  6. shfly


    I believe you have your answer...demo...
  7. teun


    Demo system is quasi random data.
  8. you saying ib uses different data for demo?

    both charts are same period
  9. Yes, the charts you see in the TWS demo are just random numbers generated by a computer and not real stock values at all. They also move in a very different way during real time so it's pretty useless if you want to practice paper trading.