MSFT finally gonna put their Billions in cash to work?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Avalanche, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. Drudgereport speculating that MSFT may takeout Google before they IPO it.

    Anyone want to guess on what that would cost if true? 15 Billion, 20+ Billion or more?

    (Barrons estimated a google IPO could value the company at around 14 billion). That is close to half the cap of Yahoo.

    It would be a massive number for sure.

    Whats the record for fastest company to a 10 billion dollar cap since it was founded? Was it Amazon or Ebay. Google's got to rank up there.


    Whatever Billion it might be, its a monster buyout for sure.

    Even Mark Cuban has to be going. :eek:

  2. Eventually there will be a search engine backlash if things keep going at this rate.
    Because the services are only comercializing the crap out of the web and will turn it into an electronic yellow pages and nothing more.

    2-3 years ago when you did a search for a subject, many relative pages done by private individuals would come up.

    Now when you do a web search, what do you get?

    Mostly @&*%! garbage for sale from pickpocket "businesses"!
    Why? Because now their method of generating revenue is to mostly plug their paid advertisers.
  3. I'm still wondering how a freakin search engine can be worth that much?!? Online advertising has gone to $hit lately so what are these people banking off of?

  4. Google is somewhat different from everyone else in the search biz in that they don't sell page rank. They put the paid stuff off to the side. A lot of the other search engines insert the stuff into the "results" and you never really know if your clicking on something really relevant or something that ranked high because well they paid for it.

    There were some estimates going around that Google could do 800 million in revenue this year and about 200 million in profit. (working off memory here, so don't hold me to it) so somebody must be doing a lot of advertising.

    Speaking of advertising. I wonder what the banner ad on goes for?

    That site has been cracking the top 200 most visited websites lately. The banner ad is always pretty lame though. Hardly ever corporate, mostly support the troops or some kind of political stuff.

    Another deal being rumored tonight as well I guess:

    same website.

    "Vivendi's Universal Music Group is expected to buy DreamWorks Records for about $100 million... Developing... "