MSFT confirmed bottom breakout

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  1. after almost 4 months of bottoming we get a confirmed breakout above 28.29 today

    BREAKOUT CONFIRMED breakout above 28.29, no resistance in area just above.
    Type: True breakout from triple+ resistance.
    Target: 29.67, 4.4% Stop: 27.92, Loss: 1.8%, Profit/Loss ratio: 2.4 : 1 - Good

    CURRENT PRICE 28.43, just above resistance, 28 ± 0.28, type triple+, strength 10

    RESISTANCE ABOVE +4.2% at 29.63 ± 0.3, type triple+, strength 10
    +7.6% at 30.58 ± 0.31, type triple, strength 3
    +10% at 31.27 ± 0.31, type single, strength 8

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    This stock is one slow mover, I doubt the surface will add anything to their bottom line.
  3. yes also a rally on MSFT is usually only 4-5%
  4. finally breaks out of the long bullish ascending triangle

  5. slow grind higher
  6. ER9


    sorry but i have to disagree. declining P/B, declining ROE, rising liabilities, rising debt/ equity, dropping P/B could mean internal problems, lackluster acceptance of windows 8, no new exciting news / products on the horrizon, possible decline / pullback of overall market after runup, msft hitting technical resistance at 200 SMA, people in general not buying into software upgrades like they used to, no MSFT innovation ivé become aware of. yikes! good luck.
  7. nice move today
  8. I've dumped my shares. Think the upside is limited here on out. This was a long hold since last November, took much longer than I imagined for it to rise. Would have not been worth it if it weren't for the dividends. No idea what the catalyst is for this recent move but I see no reason for it to last.
  9. hit 30+ today, probably resistance area, good move for giant MSFT
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    nice call....shows ya how much i know.
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