MSFT Blowout ?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Joab, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Joab


    Ok all the headlines are screaming blow out numbers but personally I'm not buying into the hype and this is a fade off the open for me.

    Any other comments ?
  2. rickf


    I'm an IT consultant and I have a hard time believing that Vista is such a blowout seller that they made it out to be. NOBODY I know is using it, and many retail folks buying PCs recently have trashed Vista and installed XP.

    At least 1 USG agency I know of refuses to run it, and if they don't run something, most of the rest of the particular department likely won't, either.

    So yeah, I am skeptical as well.
  3. bluud


    The cost of moving from one operating system to another is too much for most businesses ... by the way vista is not even a big deal ... it just has some nice graphics ... really that is it ... not only most issues have not been resolved in this so called new OS but they have made it so it consumes the most amount of resources specially ram

    anyhow the reason why it is so big ... is because microsoft forced the new OS into the market ... check computer stores near you ... even online stores .. all sell computers with vista already installed on it ... yes what if I don't want microsoft ... what if I think all the money they make is not used wisely to advance the current operating systems ... so what ... they or anyone else could care less as long as I pay for it by buying a new PC
  4. Joab


    short working well so far IF I can grab $2.00 on the move I will say thank you Mr. Softy. :)

  5. Working well? I call bullshit.

    You are going to get crushed my friend.

    edit: how about posting what you're short at?
  6. Klamath


    The only reason I or anyone I know would think about going to Vista is directX 10.
  7. Joab



    Can you read ?

    My first post clearly says I'm fading the open.

    $35.97 but I actually entered pre market 36.10 but for argument sake we can use 35.97 since were being so technical.

    Update: If I get $1.00 I will still be happy and call it an early day.

    note: stop is 36.60 (.50) risk
  8. Joab


    There's my $1.00 and I'm calling it a day.

    The weathers nice and I have a golf ball with my name on it.

  9. Just curious, what was your lot size?

    the weather here sucks.......
  10. Joab


    500 shares no biggie :)

    Have a good weekend.
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