MSFT Bigot Fires up Firefox

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TGregg, Oct 31, 2008.

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    I'm probably the biggest MSFT fan on the forums, but I just installed Firefox for my web browser. Too many times in IE I've hit the backspace button and seen a post I've been working on for a while vanish. Backspace is page back if the cursor is not in the text box (for some weird reason). In Firefox, you can disable this "feature". In Internet Explorer, you cannot.

    There's no doubt my cause was user error. I hit tab or somehow clicked outside the text box or something. But the fact is, I never, ever, ever use backspace to go back a page - I always mean axe the previous character. I always use it to delete characters. If IE allowed me to disable this "feature" I'd still be using IE. But now I see I even have a spell checker embedded in Firefox. Cool.
  2. I really think that a lot of us are too much into the computers... I'm not leaving myself out of this, I love Google Chrome because I can type a search into the url bar and it searches google.. that saves me using the google toolbar in ie, also with Chrome and Google docs, when I rename a document I don't have to deal with some microsoft warning window... THESE THINGS ARE INCREDIBLY TRIVIAL! But they seem so important...

    I walked two and a half miles today, hardly used the car at all, I'm working up to 5 miles a day, that will be an hour or two away from the computer, seeing the world, getting sunshine, meeting neighbors [and transients too], and eventually it might save my sanity!!
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    What is IE ?
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    Internet Explorer
  5. Omigosh...Firefox is just so sweet. I justed started using it. Good bye IE.
    BTW: Firefox 3.1 runs javascript 2500 times faster than IE.
    (that is no typo)

    Why ? Gates hates everything related to java. So he's always trying to make it look bad.

    With the newer web interfaces using AJAX, CSS, and DHTML....this becomes mombo important because these interfaces use Javascript to-the-max.