MSFT, AXP and AMZN after the bell.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. S2007S


    They could keep the rally going, going to be interesting, if AMZN beats $100+ is a given.

    Wow this is going to be another fun night of entertainment, time to go long all 3 because this is just a buying opportunity.

  2. S2007S



    All 3 are down AH, tech selling off, the NDX is down, this is it, the nasdaq may lose its winning streak tomorrow.
  3. S2007S


    All headlines extremely bullish tomorrow dow 9250.

    BUY the dips.

    • AXP UPDATE - Capital One has third straight loss
    at Reuters (Thu 4:31pm)

    • AXP Amex quarterly net income falls 48%
    at MarketWatch (Thu 4:30pm)

    • AMZN Amazon posts lower profit, shares drop after hours
    Reuters (Thu 4:25pm)
    • AMZN UPDATE - Amazon posts lower profit, shares drop after hours
    at Reuters (Thu 4:25pm)

    • AMZN Amazon earnings decline in second quarter
    at MarketWatch (Thu 4:23pm)

    • MSFT Microsoft Disappoints

    # UPDATE - Capital One has third straight lossat Reuters(Thu 4:31pm)
    # Capital One reports quarterly loss of $276 mlnat MarketWatch(Thu 4:23pm)
    # [$$] Capital One Posts Quarterly Lossat The Wall Street Journal Online(Thu 4:22pm)
  4. Illum


    I'll buy mr softe all day if they will really open this far down. The American dollar smells funny and they aren't debt ridden. Smells like burning rubber at the fed.
  5. hajimow


    Don't forget, EBAY is also a short. bad result but went up because of the market sentiment. It is not corrected AH yet so there is room for short.
    Another weak stock is PALM which was down today and tomorrow will get slaughtered. CSCO is another short term short.
    Only buy IMHO is UNG. specially now