msconfig and Win2K error message

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  1. I have a fairly new computer running on Win2K.

    Absolutely no problems, but I wanted to run msconfig and see what programs were running in the background.

    When I go to Start/Run and type in msconfig and hit Enter, I get an error message that states the following:

    "Cannot find the file 'msconfig' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available."

    Any ideas? Should I be typing in something in addition to msconfig?

  2. msconfig is for Windows 98, not Windows 2000 Professional.
  3. Thanks.

    The Task Manager basically serves the same function, correct?
  4. Yes the task manager will tell you what is running and allow you to terminate it, but also look in "services" which will show you what is started automatically if you want to disable some service for the next reboot.

    To access services in Windows 2000 Professional (or XP), right click on the My Computer Icon, left click on Manage, left click on Services and Applications, and then left click on Services. You can also get to in via the control panel and the Administrative Tools, and then the computer management icon.

    Be careful which service you turn off though....if you turn off the wrong service and change it from automatic to disabled, your computer may not reboot.

    XP Professional does have msconfig...I recommend XP to almost anyone who has enough horsepower to run it.
  5. Thanks Optional, very helpful.

    I thought it strange that I couldn't run msconfig on my Win2K machine but could on the laptop running XP....

    BTW, do you recommend XP to Win2k users as well? I'm no expert but thought the argument has always been that new Microsoft releases take a couple of years and revisions before the bugs get worked out. Is XP that good of an exception to the rule?
  6. So heartwarming to me to see you two boys playing together so nicely!!!!

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    We can spar over just about anything, get emotional, and flame the crap out of each other at times, but it doesn't mean I hate the man, for chrissake! I don't even hate dgabriel, for that matter.

    Whether that feeling is mutual or not, who knows? I cannot fathom actually ending up hating someone and truthfully wishing them ill tidings based upon heated opposing views in a chat room. Besides, the issues we've been arguing over haven't been the incendiary equivalent of, say, arguing about racial superiority and then making racist remarks about each other.

    At the end of the day, IMHO, we have very strong and differing opinions, and just enjoy the hell out of defending our points of view and blowing a little steam. At least that's all it is to me.

    If Optional, or anyone else on ET for that matter, makes a post requesting assistance (like I did on this one) I'll gladly help out if I'm able to - just as he did.
  8. for those that really know how to use a computer..... or are willing to look up what's what....

    i use xp pro....

    run msconfig and services.msc every now and then to see what's going on.


    FRuiTY P.
  9. gnome


    "Msconfig" is on W98 and XP, but not on W2K. XP and W2K are built on the same platform and are very similar. XP has more bells and whistles and greater driver compatibility. Either is perfectly fine for a trading machine. I prefer W2K, others will vote for XP.
  10. TGregg


    I'll second that. However, one other potentially minor (?) issue is that MSFT will stop supported W2K before they stop supporting XP provided they stick with their normal n-1 support policy. That means W2K will most likely stop getting security patches before XP does.

    That suggests that W2K users should strongly consider the next major OS release - `cuz soon after that W2K will be unsupported (as things stand now). One can either "leapfrog" XP to the latest (but possible less stable) OS, or go with the proven XP. Or (what I would do) wait for some other guy to go to the latest OS and see what he thinks. :D
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