MSCI EAFE Index - who are the "other" countries ?

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  1. JackRab


    Uhm... maybe the worldmap on the first page could be a clue?
  2. d08


    For MSCI, Indonesia is a developed market while South Korea is developing. Logic?
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  3. jharmon


    Your information is wrong. Both are in "emerging markets".
  4. JackRab


    Yeah that's funny... Australia would make more sense to have in here. since they do have New Zealand... maybe they were supposed to colour in Australia but didn't know where it was and got Indonesia instead.


    1 Markets covered: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K

    I think that map at the front is wrong... hahaaa :D:banghead:
  5. d08


    Well, no, your information is wrong. Open the PDF, note that Indonesia is included in the EAFE index. It's also mysteriously in the emerging index.

    EDIT: Maybe the MSCI employee was drunk that day. Australia,'s all the same!
  6. jharmon


    Urgh this is painful.

    You are talking about a graphic on the first page, not what is actually written.

    MSCI EAFE Index is for DEVELOPED nations in the EMEA regions (Europe, Middle East, (Far East/Pacific)Asia).

    Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
    Middle East: Israel
    Asia: Australia, Hong Kong, Janan, New Zealand, Singapore.

    Indonesia is not part of the MSCI EAFE Index. I have no idea where you got that idea as it's not documented.

    It is NOT in the PDF.

    MSCI regularly review what country is considered to be developed/emerging/frontier/"standalone".
  7. d08


    The graphic is part of the document, as I already noted, they got it badly wrong. Quite pathetic really.
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