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    Michael are you still into shorting goog,appl,rimm and MA? What does your TA say now that the market seems to be coming back again. Personally I think all those stock are going to keep going up but I always like to hear the contrary position.

    Have you changed your mind, yet??
  2. Calm down dude. I actually have a life, a job and a 105 lb girlfriend. Right now Im on a business trip in Phoenix.

    Look at the price action. If you see people selling on rallies then it will be a sign.

    Look for $SPX 1550. If there is a close above that, then you might see a breakout. Some people miss some key concepts behind trading here. You long at a certain point and you short at a certain point, but not in-between. Thats as plain as I can say it as some dont understand these key facts. What you never want to do is "fade".

    So with that said, prices are bouncing around in the triangle and you dont want to long until they get to a certain point and you dont want to short until a certain point. I shorted all those stocks down through the first leg of the triangle. The time to long is when they have escaped their triangle to the upside.

    The inflation numbers do not seem to be accurate. Im in Phoenix right now and if I close my eyes at the store, then I think Im in NYC.
  3. Didn't you say you were unmarried and single in another thread???
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    michael, do you always weigh your girlfriends?
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    You stated you were single.
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    My bad, I forgot that school is out for summer, does you girlfriend know who her home room teacher is yet?