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  1. I know that it has been covered before, but I can't find can I stop the MS Messenger pop-up ads?
  2. Use Google, it works perfect for me!
  3. Use this. It's free, and it works:


    PS: A NAT Router (aka--hardware firewall) will also stop those nasty things, without using the above program. A router will also make your computer "invisible" to the outside world. A router can be used on broadband, DSL or Cable, but not dial-up. So with dial-up, you should use ShootTheMessenger.

    Read some of the goodies at the GRC site to help protect your privacy, security, and you computer. Steve Gibson at GRC must be one heck of an altruist for what he does....kind of like Jerry Medved :)

    PPS: Only Windows 2000/XP users receive the "Messenger" pop-up's. It does not affect Windows Me or 98 OS'es.

    PPPS: Windows Messenger Service is completely different from, and not in any way related to, "MSN Messenger", "Windows Messenger", or any other well-known instant messaging system.
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    Just turn off the messenger service using the computer management utility - See the Microsoft website under the supprot knowledge base for more info.

    You should be behind a router always: the best low-cost one I know of is the NetGear 614. For 50 - 100 bucks this is the cheapest and simplest protection you can buy: its simple because there is no software installed on your system that may, or may not be full of bugs and incompatibilities. About the only way you can be sure that windows software will not cause disruptions on your system is to see if it carries the Windows Logo which means it was extensively tested. These third party utilities dont - and shouldn't given that the testing fee starts out around 20K.

    So, get a router, configure it - simple simple simple using the browser and following the instructions - and stop all the intruders and problems. This is really easy to do. In fact I get enough questions about this that I might just put up an information database on all this on one of our company sites - where we are not selling to you by the way.

    Once you are all configured use sheilds up utility to test your security. This is a good free tool - it however does not cover all important cases but it does give you a first level test.
  5. With NAT ( Network Address Translation ) and SPI ( Specific Packet Inspection ) you can have a great FIREWALL that hides your IP address from anyone out in cyber-land.

    Also, I find that this is a much more effective use of a Firewall, rather than using those "software" firewalls by Norton that usually clog your system's resources and slow down your machine in dramatic fashion.

    Installation is less than 5 minutes, tops.
    Yep, the ROUTER is indeed the way to go!

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    Trying to get a handle on all this security info. I use a router to connect 2 separate pc's to the internet. Neither pc is networked with the other, each are separate and independent of each other. Does disabling the windows messenger service (which should stop all the unwanted advertising pop-ups) stop the incoming alerts from microsoft about critical update notices for my computers? Also, will it stop the notices from Norton anti-virus that it automatically updated my antivirus definitions?

    There's so much to read on this stuff that my head starts to spin. There's so many different scenarios and different parts on your computer and so much software you can buy and so many different notices to read....

    If I'm using my router as a security measure do I still need to enable the internet connection firewall through the control panel?

    Really I'm just looking to maximize my internet security and privacy through what I already have (which is my router and through whatever's built into my pc already). Some people say to by zone alarm or ad-aware, while others say to disable windows messenger. I just want those unwanted advertisements to stop popping up and to stop the unwanted e-mails.

  7. No and No. They each periodically initiate outbound connections to check for updates. They are not dependent on unsoliciated inbound messages (they wouldn't know your IP address to do so anyway).

    If you're using a NAT router, you really don't need a separate firewall. The only reason for using one in that case would be to block specific outbound connections (since the NAT router will automatically block all inbound connections) - you might do this if you feel your virus protection is inadequate or you're routinely launching questionable software riddled with adware and spyware.
  8. after enduring tons of pop-ups i took the plunge installed Google Toolbar .. works great and seamlessly, no more pop ups! :)
  9. are on SALE this weekend for only $29.95 after Rebates.
    Normally, $59.95

    A very inexpensive, yet effective form of security.

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