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  1. All,

    I am hoping someone brighter than me, (that could be most of you) can help me.

    I need to save several outlook folders full of "saved" emails and my "inbox" off our email-server onto a separate area on my computer HD.

    1) Can I do this?
    2) If so how...and please remember I am a techncal "layman' a user not an engineer.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Feel free to pm me directly or possibly post here as others may have this same need someday.

    rttrader -
  2. I'm no computer whiz either, but I noticed these add-ons the
    other day, and it looks like the first program "DBXtract for Outlook Express" might be what you're looking for. And, I noticed another further down "Outlook 2000/2002 Personal Folders Backup."
    that might be what you're looking for.

    Have a good day...
  3. You should be able to export those folders to a PST file anywhere locally on your computer....or to a network drive, cd burner, etc.

    Just click on File in upper left, select Import and Export, export to a file, select Personal Folder File (.pst), select folders to be exported (copied) and tell it where to export them to. Make sure to check "include subfolders" before you export, this way it picks up subfolders.

    Then that pst file you create can be restored in most any version of Outlook.
  4. Optional & vhenn -

    THANK YOU!!! :D

    Mucho appreciado!

    I knew I could count on the people here!

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  9. Why are you not having the emails saved directly on your local hard disk? (I am assuming that you make backups of your computer). Can never understand why to keep them on a server.

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