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  1. I recently had to reinstall WinXP on a new HDD on my laptop.

    I had backed up my outlook.pst and archive files.

    I've reinstalled MS outlook. I then copied the backed up outlook.pst and archive files to the new Outlook folder.

    Hwoever, when I do a fresh Send/Receive it downloads all my 'old" email from the server, thus creating duplicate emails in my inbox folder.

    How can you tell MS Outlook not to download already downloaded emails? Can you tell it to download emails only after a certain date? How?

    Please Help!
  2. Outlook or Outlook Express?
  3. I$land


    You need to disable the option which makes a copy of every email onto the server. In Outlook, go into Tools / Email Accounts, then View or change existing email accounts, Next, then select your email account in the list and click on Change then go into "More Settings...", then in Advanced. Uncheck the option : Leave a copy of messages on the server.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Yes, but I like to keep a copy of the mail on the server as a backup. Typically, once Outlook 2003 downloads the mail the first time, it leaves a copy on the server and doesn't download it again. But on this new install, it sems Outook does NOT know it has already downloaded the email into the folder and redownloads it again.

    And to go in and manually delete duplicates of thousands of messsgaes is a chore. Why is Outlook 2003 not smart enough to know that emails on he server were previously downlaoded into the outlook.pst file, even if this is a new HDD and installation of Outlook?

    Any ideas on what to do?

  5. if outlook downloaded the messages, then next time it will know that it already downloaded them. In this case, THIS outlook did not download the messages before and there is nothing on the server to indicate whether or not a given message has previously been downloaded. POP3 mail is not designed to leave the messages on the server.

    What you can do the first time is just create a rule that moves all incoming mail to a different folder. Then after the first download of all the email, just delete those messages and disable the rule. From that point on, it should just get the new ones.
  6. Great answer. I'll try it now.

  7. j_medved it worked beautifully! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!